Close your eyes and listen with care:
Slow food for your ears

Händel Fast Forward


2023 // DT9132  //Dot Time Records

As With Rosy Steps The MornEfrat AlonyHandel - Fast Forward00:08:13

Alla Salma InfidelEfrat AlonyHandel - Fast Forward00:08:21

Convey Me To Some Peaceful ShoreEfrat AlonyHandel - Fast Forward00:04:28

Come To Me Soothing SleepEfrat AlonyHandel - Fast Forward00:06:17

Hollywood isn't Calling


2021 // NLP4247 // Neuklang, Bauer Studios

My Shorthand Modes of PerceptionEfrat AlonyHollywood isn't Calling00:06:11

El ha-Or (Towards the Light)Efrat AlonyHollywood isn't Calling00:04:07

White Dress DanceEfrat AlonyHollywood isn't Calling00:05:01

A Twin MoonEfrat AlonyHollywood isn't Calling00:04:24

A Kit for Mending Thoughts


2012 // ENJ 9719 // enja & yellowbird

Shir/ E.AnkriEfrat AlonyA kit for mending thoughts00:04:34

We sail Away/ E.AlonyEfrat AlonyA kit for mending thoughts00:04:40

Happy/ E.AlonyEfrat AlonyA kit for mending thoughts00:03:24

Ani/ E.AlonyEfrat AlonyA kit for mending thoughts00:04:48

I had a king/ J.MitchellEfrat AlonyA kit for mending thoughts00:07:32

Rise/ E.Alony, O.LeichtEfrat AlonyA kit for mending thoughts00:05:38

Dismantling Dreams


2008 // ENJ 9523-2 // enja

Dismantling DreamsAlonyDismantling Dreams00:06:19

Lights On/OffAlonyDismantling Dreams00:05:21

And The I Think of YouAlonyDismantling Dreams00:06:16

Song of SpringAlonyDismantling Dreams00:05:06

Hear MeAlonyDismantling Dreams00:05:21

Ad MatayAlonyDismantling Dreams00:05:18

Unarmed and Dazed

2006 // ENJ 9492-2 // enja

Silent SeekersAlonyUnarmed and Dazed00:06:37

The Colour of EndingsAlonyUnarmed and Dazed00:05:13

BlindfoldedAlonyUnarmed and Dazed00:06:50

She's Leaving HomeAlonyUnarmed and Dazed00:05:03

AfterglowAlonyUnarmed and Dazed00:01:45


2005 // INT 33842 // intuition-music

White on WhiteAlonyUnravelling00:05:13

Free FallAlonyUnravelling00:05:36

Stray ThoughtsAlonyUnravelling00:04:04


She Can Still RecallAlonyUnravelling00:03:49

Merry Go Round

2002 // VILCD 1018-2 // zyx

Taátuá (A Deluding Memory)Efrat Alony QuartetMerry-Go-Round00:07:05

Malách Schomer (Guardian Angel)Efrat Alony QuartetMerry-Go-Round00:05:32

Ulay (If Only)Efrat Alony QuartetMerry-Go-Round00:05:48

Darn That DreamEfrat Alony QuartetMerry-Go-Round00:03:58

Efrat Alony with Big-Band

"Overcast" - The Sunday Night Orch. featuring Efrat Alony


The Sunday Night Orchestra featuring Efrat Alony

project website:

overcast- sno00:11:43


silent weeping00:06:04

Songs for Love Lost

Ed Partyka Jazz Orch featuring Efrat Alony

Project website:

You go to my headEPJOSongs for love lost00:06:38

Song ShirEPJOSongs for love lost00:09:58

Silent seekersEPJOSongs for love lost00:09:42

And then I think of youEPJOSongs for love lost00:12:05