A wonderful thing coming up

is a project I will be doing in May with the Radio Big-Band Frankfurt (HR Big-Band). we will be recording a CD with Israeli songs that I chose, arranged and conducted by the wonderful composer and a dear friend Ed Partyka. We will be playing one concert in Frankfurt on May 20th 09. Ed had me featured on his wonderful CD called “Overcast” played by the “Sunday Night Orchestra” released Jun. 2008 on Mons Records. We enjoyed working together so much that he has asked me to take part in the recording of his new CD recording, set for Sep.09, which will be a Co-produced by the Berlin-Brandenburg Radio.


Through Ed I got acquainted with an outstanding musician, Oliver Leicht. We have started a duo going. Him beautifully playing the clarinet and so tastefully using electronics. The first concert is set for 10.3.09 in Köln. 

another blessing is that I have found two remarkable women, Petra Kremer-Drieß and Marion Hölzcl, to take care of our booking and the PR. I suppose it is difficult for a stranger to understand, but ever since they are around I sleep better and I suddenly have time again :-) 

I am very excited to see what this coming year has in store for us. 

Efrat Alony