It's crazy to try and capture

the work of almost a year in to a few sentences, so maybe i'll begin with the end, which is also a beginning- our new CD “Dismantling Dreams”. It will be released on April 17th on ENJA RECORDS. We will be going on a CD Release Tour during April and May 09 and we will be delighted to see you there.

CD: Alony, Dismantling Dreams


This CD was a co-production with the Bavarian Radio, by the wonderful, inspiring Beate Sampson (Jazz Director, BR and a great singer) who supported this project through thick and thin- in addition to recordings made in Berlin, we were able to use the Radio’s facilities in Nuremberg, which allowed us to be slightly (ha ha) more extravagant than we would normally dare to dream of. This time around using a fair amount of electronics, and unusual synth sounds, beautifully designed by Mark Reinke, prepared drums and fantastic fragments of little hard-to-track-down-sounds on behalf of Christian Thomè and the rich sound of the Kaj:Kaj String Quartet, we dived into this production, knowing where we were starting, but not fully realizing where it could/should/would end :-) The luxury of more studio time harbors the danger of getting lost in the small detail. Over were the days, where we would go into the studio, be inspired and play- this time it was as if we had to work out a giant puzzle, where every piece had to perfectly fit in. With Mark, on the producer chair, we edited, manipulated and rearranged the incredible amount of recorded material. (my deep thank you to the wonderful sound engineer Jörg Surrey for bearing with us:-)) 

I hope you will enjoy what you hear. 

I chose to sing a couple of songs in Hebrew again, I ended up writing music to a poem written by one of Israel's most important poets of our time, Dahlia Ravikovich. It was a great privilege. It's always very special for me to sing in Hebrew- and I intend to do it more often. 

Efrat Alony