I have started teaching

at the wonderful HKB College of Music and Arts in Bern, Switzerland. This college is the oldest Jazz college in Europe, with wonderful musicians- teachers as well as students- a great experience for me- guiding jazz-interested souls in the sometimes jazz-uninterested world......:-) so we agreed on the term „FREEDOM“ instead of „Jazz“ - and who is not interested in that....:-) Some teachers, including yours truly, will be giving a concert on the 23.11.09 in Bern- so feel free to stop by in case you are in town.



Back in Berlin I found myself in the midst of a new CD Production of the „Ed Partyka Jazz Orch“, as a co-production with the Berlin-Brandenburg Radio. The band sounds absolutely wonderful, a top rhythm section, smashing soloists, and as always, it was a big pleasure being a part of it. Ed's new music is challenging, provoking, beautiful and at times funny. (But we wouldn't want too much of the latter...:-)) I will keep you posted on the developments. 


Oli Leicht, one of the smashing soloists in Ed's band and a band leader on his own account, and I, are about to finally record our work in progress. Our duo concerts - or better said - the FUN we had while „working“ made us want to do something „serious“ with it. Just the two of us, clarinet, voice and electronics, playing Oli's as well as my compositions and some cover songs (like Tom Waits, Suzanna Vega), experimenting and enjoying ourselves. Oli has taken upon himself the task of teaching me the secrets of "THE HANG“- as opposed to me thinking i have to take care of my voice, to get enough sleep- well- you get the drift... 


I will keep you posted on my learning progress- :-) 


Efrat Alony