the mix of the new CD with my new trio is ready!!! With Oliver Leichton Clarinets and electronics, Frank Wingold on guitar and Myself- singing, writing, playing keyboards and having my share of electronics-fun ( working with loops, with effects, playing around with my sounds...:-))- it is GREAT fun and very inspiring.


It is strange how some things require a longer breath... but it was worth the wait! The CD " A kit for mending thoughts" will be released on ENJA Records in November 2012.  


I am really looking forward to the release and the tour that will follow- hope to see you there! 


just so you get a taste: 

ShirAlW-david mix-14.3.201200:04:36

If I should lose youAlW-david mix-14.3.201200:07:54

we sail awayAlW-david mix-14.3.201200:04:59