A kit for mending thoughts

will be released on 9.11.2012 and I couldn't be happier about the music and the inspiration. I am full of gratitude for the support from Radio Barlin-Brandenburg (Ulf Drechsel), from ENJA records (Werner Aldinger) and especially from the people surrounding me, who support my crazy idees investing incredible amount of thought, time and energy into making this music happen. ( while many others have been writing


obituary-notices for jazz...:-)) 


With Oliver Leicht and Frank Wingold on our CD release tour- we'll be happy to see you on one of the upcoming concerts: 


29.11.2012 Berlin-Grüner Salon | 30.11.2012 Erfurt-Jazzclub | 1.12.2012 Nürnberg-DB Museum | 2.12.2012 Rüsselsheim-Jazzfabrik | 3.12.2012 Köln-Stadtgarten | 6.12.2012 Zürich CH, Moods | 21.1.2013 Eindhoven NL, cafe Wilhelmina |26.2.2013 München-Unterfahrt tbc | 27.2.2013 Innsbruck, Treibhaus |28.2.2013 Erlangen- E-Werk | 1.3.2013 Wien- Porgy & Bess |  


The tour is partly supported by the israeli embassy in Berlin. 


A little appetizer- the digi-booklet as a PDF, the press-release and sound-bites from the the CD. 


Peace, ( never has it felt further away...) 


Efrat Alony 

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