I finally gave in,

and created a band facebook account- i was so strong for so long....


I won't be writing about my parties and wine (ha ha ha) but will just let everyone know when and where we'll be playing. 


The Alony/Leicht/Wingold tour in December was lovely!  

The new CD is nominated for the German LP review award for "grenzgänge"-which could translate into " crossing musical boarder"- I will keep you posted!  


I am very much looking forward to the upcoming concerts : 

21.1.13 NL, Eindhoven, Cafe Wilhaelmina | 27.2.13 AT, Innsbruck, Treibhaus | 28.2.13 DE, Erlangen, E-Werk | 1.3.13 AT, Wien, Progy& Bess 


i hope to see you there, 


Efrat Alony