I've been so tied up

with writing music, traveling, playing and teaching as well as planning new projects that I have completely lost track of time- and it's June again. Life is moving fast, new doors open, and as things go, sometimes everything seems to happen at the same time- which is right about now....


- I am VERY excited about the new duo project with the incredible electric bassist from Mozabique Childo Thomás. We were very fortunate to meet during a jazz festival last summer (Childo was on tour with the renouned pianist Omar Sosa). We will have our premier concert on July 5th, at the Gedächtnis-Kirche in Berlin-  

here a little sound-appetizer:  


and as good things often come in pairs, a new Big-Band projecet that I am also REALLY happy about with swiss composer and bassist Martin Streule. Martin wrote a BEAUTIFUL arrangement to an Israeli Poem by Lea Goldberg (music by Gili Dor). we managed to record it in a 20 min. long rehearsal ( the shortest playdown in my history) so there is still a LOT to work on but just to give you an idea how high this music could fly:  



I wish you all a peaceful summer. 


Efrat Alony