The CD release tour-bus

is fully packed with music from our CD "A kit for mending thoughts" as well as (very) new songs - we'll be on our way- this time to Switzerland


we'll be happy to see you at one of the venues:

16.10.13 Bird's Eye Jazz Club, Basel | 17.10.13 Bird's Eye Jazz Club, Basel

our Listening Manual-

to get you in the right "head-space" :-)


  1. Retreat into the room, you feel most comfortable in
    a) If it‘s cold outside: Make yourself a hot tea
    b) If it‘s warm outside: Refresh yourself with a cold beverage
  2. a) Use the best audio equipment available
    b) Use good headphones


  1. Take your time
  2. Close your eyes and let the music sink in
  3. Listen to every song at least twice
  4. Take the day off and listen to every song again
  5. Let it grow on you
  6. Hear yourself think

In time

  1. Tell your friends


Efrat Alony