I am thrilled!

"Händel Fast Forward" is coming to life.


I’ve just finished the writing-madness. During the research, i have found true pearls. Airs, some of them very well known, and others almost forgotten. It is safe to say that Handel original music has been turned up-side-down, stretched through space and time. I tried to keep the purity of the melodies but set them in quite a different harmonic and rhythmical world.  


I can’t wait to hear the quartet in action. I’m expecting to be surprised and mesmerised with the interpertation to this old-new music by these wonderful musicians. (Achim Kaufmann-piano; Henning Sieverts- bass; Heinrich Koebberling- drums)  


We’ll be playing 3 concerts in Germany and Switzerland and then we’ll be off to record the album. ( a co-production with the Swiss Radio at „Hardstudios“ in Winterthur)  


in case you’re anywhere close : 


21.9.17- A-Trane, Berlin 

23.9.17- Zum Hut, Uster CH 

24.9.17- Esse-Bar, Winterthur, CH 


I hope to see you there, 




Efrat Alony