Live-Stream Concert Invitation- 9.6.20

WHAT crazy times we live through


I feel l’m SPINNING on a carousel - 

for a minute there, I thought that the Covid 19 epidemic will make it easier to step off the carousel

I think I even did - for a minute or two

only to find out that everything around me, is spinning even faster… 

the carousel- completely derailed 

the world-  went completely INSANE 

I try to find solace in music, trying to see the half full glass 

Being torn between cities, homeland and people  was always a challenge - but through this madness an interesting opportunity appears -I can actually invite all of my friends to a Live-Stream concert with a new project of mine:


so wherever you are, how near, how far, we could actually be in the same space for an hour.

the concert is on June 9th at 8:15 p.m Berlin time ( 08:15 p.m Israel time;  07:15 p.m London time; 02:15 p.m NY time; 11:15 a.m L.A time; 08:15 a.m Wellington New-Zealand time)

here are the links to join in: 

YouTube Live Stream Link

A-Trane Live-Stream-Link

I will be really happy if you could join me on this strange adventure.

The concert will also be broadcasted on the RBB Berlin Radio on July 6th.

wishing you all health and sunshine

keep safe