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from Thoralf Koss


“….The award-winning Israeli singer EFRAT ALONY, who lives in Germany and has been showered with numerous awards here,( quite rightly so)  is having a secret affair! Oh, can this work? In a musical sense, definitely, especially when considering that the man behind this affair has been dead for over 250 years but his music has NOT been forgotten. ...

It has long been known and proven that jazz and baroque or jazzer and Handel work well, EFRAT ALONY is not the first one to dare  approach the musical 'baroque-Bible'. But yet with “Händel – Fast Forward”, she manages to do this in a deeply impressive way, not only due to her fantastic, very variable and powerful voice, but also thanks to the three German jazz musicians accompanying her on piano, bass and drums…” / musikreveiws .de; Thoralf Koss