Home, away from home

Childo Thomás and Efrat Alony

Childo Thomás, bassist vocalist and composer. Born in Mozambique 1963. Lives in Barcelona, Spain since 1994.

Two musicians, who live and work thousend of kilometers away from thier homelands, embark on a journey, in search of the "Home, away from home" , the special sounds and esthetic of the african music as well as the israeli music. A magical carpet ride through origional compositions and new interpretation to folk songs.

Alony/ Leicht -
Night Vision

songs and soundscapes

Efrat Alony- voc, electronics

Oliver Leicht- Cl, electronics

You Dont Know what love isAlony / LeichtNight Vision00:04:37

Nightvision/ S.VegaAlony / LeichtNight Vision00:03:32

Johnsburg/ T.WaitsAlony / LeichtNight Vision00:05:21


Julie Sassoon and Efrat Alony

nigunim- rbb concert00:04:45


Heritage, jewish heritage, its sounds and scenery as it reflects in our own musical esthetics was the core question of this Duo Project between the Israeli singer, composer and lyricist Efrat Alony and the british pianist and composer Julie Sassoon. The repertoire takes them through original compositions, israeli folk-songs as well as very individual interpretations to Jazz standards.

Sebastian Böhlen band featuring Efrat Alony

Photo: Foto: Felix Groteloh

ID 04 In Höchster Todesnot00:03:33

ID 05 Durchs Sturmgepeitschte Mittelmeer00:07:32

Sebastian Böhlen – git., comp.

Efrat Alony – voc

Andreas Böhlen – saxophon

Bernhard Meyer – bass

Peter Gall - drums

Tina Hartmann- lyrics

Laika Records, 2017 


Izabella Effenberg - Vibraphon/Composition

Efrat Alony - Voc

Maja Taube - Harp

Florian Trübsbach - sax, cl

Norbert Emminger - Bcl, Bari 

Markus Schieferdecker - bass

Jens Düppe - drums

2. Crescent Moon _mastered00:07:06

4. Cuentame_mastered00:07:57

6. Like a child _mastered00:08:23

Beyond Words

Ulrich Drechsler Trio featuring Efrat Alony

Beyond Words (feat. Efrat Alony)Drechsler, UlrichBeyond Words00:05:31

Little Peace Lullaby No. 1 (feat. Efrat Alony)Drechsler, UlrichBeyond Words00:03:56

Where the power of words terminates, there begins the world of music – no frontiers, unambiguous. The possibility to reach people in an authentic and direct way and to touch them emotionally is an integral part of Ulrich Drechsler’s music.

Intimacy, energy, passion and love – that’s what is most important to Drechsler and totally fulfils what he demands from music. And with the intimate instrumentation consisting of bass clarinet, piano and drums, he is capable of expressing it all.

In addition to that, the music on 'Beyond Words' gains extra dimension and depth due to the extraordinary deep singing of Efrat Alony, the Israely singer that lives in Berlin, who cooperated on two pieces. The homogeneity that emanates from her voice in combination with Ulrich Drechsler’s bass clarinet makes one think that they have been working together ever since.


Uwe steinmetz, Daniel Stickan and Efrat Alony

WavesUwe Steinmetz/ Daniel Stickan/ Efrat Alony00:10:37

Uwe steinmetz and Daniel Stickan

“A very original instrumentation drawing through different colourful and rhythmical textures a remarkable bridge between organ and jazz. In this poetical programme, the human and saxophone voices offer contrasted reliefs to the rhetorics, towards an irresistible expressivness.” Dr. Naji Hakim