A friend, who i haven't seen for a while now,

asked me if everything was ok- He had noticed that i haven't written anything on my blog for a while….at first i had to smile, but i guess he is right. In this day and age if you don't constantly report what you do it's almost as if you weren't doing anything. What did people do "back in the days" (ha ha ha) - the pre- internet days- pre- self-promo-days? they were artist around that were busy being creative and productive. I like to indulge in the illusion that they could concentrate on the "doing" and less on the "spreading the word" part of things- wow! that sounds GREAT!!! Information is great but sooooo much information is, well- too much! so i guess i'm definitely not a Y generation :-)



I am actually doing great. I received a nomination from the  

Deutscher Musikautorenpreis for Jazz composition- which is really exciting. There will be a big ceremony at the Berlin Ritz Carlton on 8.5.14- i will keep you posted. 

The new CD with "waves" recieved really great reviews . Here is a short film shown on the BR TV (bavarian television). we have quite a few concerts lined up, starting on may 24th on the Elbjazz festival in Hamburg. (Waves tour dates) . Uwe Steinmetz and Daniel Stickan are wonderful people and GREAT musicians- playing with them always reminds me WHY it is I have chosen this crazy path (I'm referring to me being a jazz musician- in case there were more than one crazy path that i'm on……:-)) Sometimes I do forget why. It's a choice one needs to make every day anew- and on some days it's clearer than on others. BUT then I'll listen to a piece of music I almost forgot and it'llbe so beautiful that it will all make sense again. (it happened to me last week , listening to Minuano from the truely great Pat Metheny)  

I have been working on a live dance and music project with a wonderful israeli choreographer, Idan Cohen. I'll be writing and singing music to poems written by one of Israel's most renowned poets, Jehuda Amichai. Idan and I are really interested in Identities, their cultural suitcases that we carry, as we clash against or maybe clash with each other in this global world. It also gives me a chance to work with video installations (by Frank Hellenkamp) - i've been wanting to explore it on stage for a while now. If all goes well, this project will come to life next year. 


i hope to see you in one of the upcoming concerts and wish you a lovely springtime, 


Efrat Alony