"Hollywood isn't Calling"
album release count-down- 27.8.21

Although the past 2 years have defiantly been challenging I was trying to insist on LIGHT -  


that being: music, art , friendships & actual sun light ( which is sometimes quite a task in Berlin…:-))

trying to turn this madness into something that makes sense or at least brings joy

you can finally have a listen:


with the help of a small village (  Initiative Musik gGmbHBauer Studios, Marita Goga, Frank HellenkampCarola Schmidt and Servullo Mendes

this endeavour ended up becoming a complete album with wonderful musicians that I am also very fortunate to call friends:

with Frank Wingold- git.       

Henning Sieverts- bass       

Heinrich Köbberling- drums 

here are some sound a video appetisers for you: 

official project website: 




"My Shorthand Modes of Perception" 


"White Dress Dance" 

I am absolutely thrilled about the upcoming Album release ( this time- only as LP) and would love for you to be able to join us in celebrating it.

we’ll be playing 5 concerts in Berlin - from Aug. 24th until Aug. 28th

at the A-Trane, Berlin 

This production is supported by Initiative Musik gGmbH with project funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media

The concerts in Berlin are supported by the cultural department of the Israeli Embassy in Berlin

join the celebration :-)

best wishes and much health,

Efrat Alony